Honda Civic 2014 release date and price

There is a fantastic demand for brand-new information which might disclose something new about the Honda Civic 2014 model year. While the various other companies release a minimum of a little details and an image of the new models in Honda’s case it is not.
They are your models are concealed, which further intrigues potential buyers.

As 2013 saw a full revamp of the Civic model, there aren’t likely to be a significant amount of changes in shop for the Civic. Honda compiled the list of complaints about previous models and resolved them in the 2013. If the 2014 model is going to see major changes, it will likely be in response to issues with last year’s model.

Last year the 1.8-liter 16-valve engine produced 140-horsepower, which for a compact vehicle is still rather outstanding. That’s without Honda’s brand-new Earth Dreams engine technology.
While the fuel economy isn’t expected to skyrocket, there could be an increase of one or two mpg with the additon of the fuel-efficient innovation.

The standard security attributes from 2013 are also anticipated to make a return. That consists of automobile security assist, tire pressure tracking, anti-lock brakes and a wide variety of airbags. In a compact automobile, collisions can trigger quite the effect, but Honda remains to discover means of shielding their travelers.

The 2013 Civic was framed with an advanced compatibility body structure which moved crash-energy far from the guest compartment, making sure safety for everyone. The Honda Civic 2014 is likely to have all these functions, and afterwards some.

Honda Civic 2014 front 1

Info on the brand-new Honda Civic 2014 is presently restricted, however the professionals at Benson Honda are readily available to discuss rates and address any questions they can. The sales group can be reached at -LRB-888-RRB-992-4616 or with the Benson Honda website. The showroom is located at 9100 San Pedro, San Antonio, TX.

Honda Civic 2014 Release Date and Price

The Honda Civic 2014 release date is still set for later on this year, but info about the Civic has already been floating around online. The best part about the 2014 Honda Civic in San Antonio TX is that it is similar to its successful 2013 model.

Small changes were made to the 2014 model, but only where they were required. Unlike other Honda models which have adapted to electric technology, the Civic continues to be the exact same.

An additional engine option that will be provided in Honda Civic 2014 will be working volume of 2.4 liter with 201 hp with fuel consumption rated for 22 mpg in the city and 21 mpg on the freeway, while the incorporated consumption will be 25 mpg. Honda Civic 2014 ought to appear in the selling market in the fall of 2013, the price for the base model will be $ 17,000.

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