2015 Toyota GT 86

Will Toyota responds to the desires of fans the 2015 Toyota GT 86 and provide the vehicle with a more powerful engine? The most recent details recommends that this might take place 2015th year. Although the present variation of the 2.0-liter fighter engine that produces 200 hp has decent features, there are lots of people who think it would be a shame to GT 86, which has a great capacity for useful and driveability, it gets more powerful drive.

As shown by the Australian Sydney Morning at Toyota believing to enhance the performance of the GT 86 in the 2015th year, when the current version provided to be revamped for the first time.

“I hope that we will have at least one advertising engine on this automobile,” said primary engineer in charge of the 2015 Toyota GT 86, Tetsuya then.

2015 Toyota GT 86 1

“We have actually currently examined all possibilities for enhancement and based upon that constructed several prototypes. We first prototype turbocharged, in the 2nd we have actually increased working volume of existing engines, and a prototype is equipped with an unique hybrid system,” then exposes.

In the meantime, all impressive options. Toyota engineers did not reveal details, but the Sydney Morning on the basis of details gotten from other sources of business I such as the version with high work volume. According to the accusations of the existing two-liter fighter would be expanded to 2.5 L, while the power of 200 hp (147 kW) increased to 258 hp (190 kW) at.

The engine now has an advantage over hybrid mainly due to less weight. Turbo and hybrid versions can discover their means to the manufacturing model in the future.

2015 Toyota GT 861 1

He found another interesting thing. Toyota is already establishing the next generation of the GT 86, and according to him, the car could instead boxer engine has a turbo-generator. Does this mean that Toyota will come out in the tale of a joint job GT 86 / FAST, offered that Toyota, at the same time, turned severe cooperation with BMW?

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