2014 Lexus NF-NX release date

Lexus introduced the concept of 2014 Lexus NF-NX to their appearance on the roadway to discourage various other road individuals. If the objective of designers was to intimidate the drivers of various other cars, that he definitely prospered.

It appears that in this crossover everything about its attributes, in the greatest impression on the audience leaves the massive grille made in a design that is typical of the latest generation models of the maker.

Overstated sharp body lines evocative battling “stealth” vehicle, aggressive design approach continues to the back of the concept.

2014 Lexus NF NX interior

To further enhance the visual experience of the outside is done in brushed metallic silver finish, while the interior of the automobile rather welcoming thanks to neon-orange and blue accents.

2014 Lexus NF-NX will premiere at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. Producer did not reveal the technical information, however he disclosed that he utilized to drive a brand-new version of the hybrid system, which is specifically customized to this car.

According to the advertising and marketing individuals, the concept of 2014 Lexus NF-NX offers a preview of the brand-new Lexus compact crossover.

2014 Lexus NF NX side

2014 Lexus NF-NX release date

Lexus has announced plans to introduce the brand-new 2014 Lexus NF-NX concept on its public launching at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show to be held next week. The manufacturing model can reach car dealerships in August 2014.

According to the Japanese automaker, this fresh concept is generally a preview for the complete production model of its compact crossover.

Outdoors, the 2014 Lexus NF-NX showcasing a really sharp and aggressive exterior design, while the fronts lights design looks very squinty and geared up with daytime running lights. At the back side, we can see its taillight embraces a boomerang design, is likewise rather sharp.

The crossover concept has a bespoke Brushed Metal Silver as its exterior color, regrettably Lexus did not release comprehensive requirements connected to the engine. They verified that a hybrid variation would be established for the 2014 Lexus NF-NX concept

Even more information: http://www.autoblog.com/2013/09/10/lexus-lf-nx-concept-frankfurt-2013/

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